Estate Planning with Forrest Law Center

At Forrest Law Center, your comprehensive estate planning process begins with an Estate Planning Session. Our Estate Planning Session is more than a simple meet-and-greet. It is a productive meeting that will leave you fully educated and prepared to achieve your estate planning goal.

During the Session we review what would happen to all of what you have if anything were to happen – such as your incapacity or death – and discuss how to plan to prevent unwanted outcomes.

Should we decide there are things we can do to take care of you and your family, we will present you with planning options that allow you to decide on your fee and the level of service that is right for you and your family.

Then, we’ll design a plan together that not just checks the “estate planning” boxes, but also ensures that it will work when you need it to the most.

At Forrest Law Center PLLC, we work to ensure that your goals are achieved in all your estate planning documents and that you know exactly how your plan works.

Life and Legacy

What is the purpose of Estate Planning?

At Forrest Law Center, we emphasize a comprehensive estate planning process. This begins with helping you to get organized so you can understand your current estate. Further, by understanding your present, we can then start developing a clearer picture of your future life and legacy.

Many people have questions about the importance of estate planning. The Estate Planning Session at Forrest Law Center helps you understand exactly why estate planning is important for you.

At the Estate Planning Session, we cover issues like preparing for your longevity, communicating care decisions to loved ones, and empowering those who you want to make those decisions for you. We even guide you on how to make wise decisions when developing your care plan.

We further discuss what kind of legacy you want to leave for those you care about – and how to do it effectively.

More Than Just Money

A good estate plan is about more than just giving your assets away.

Many people mistakenly believe that Estate Planning is all about transferring your assets after you die. For many people, what is just as important – if not important – is to protect themselves and what they own during their life.

A good estate plan empowers the right people to care for you if you are unable to care your yourself. And it communicates to those people exactly what you expect of them, and what they should do when they step into important fiduciary roles.

One key focus when planning with Forrest Law Center is the decisions surrounding things like Powers of Attorney, Advance Directives, HIPAA Authorizations, and more. We often find that having the document is not enough – so we also help you communicate with the people appointed in your estate plan so that they are prepared and know what to do when it is time for them to act for you.

Planning for the Next Generation

What message are you sending your loved ones?

It is the decisions you make today that will impact how others remember you. Unfortunately, not doing anything could leave your estate a mess and your family without guidance on how to clean it up.

The comprehensive estate planning process at Forrest Law Center helps ensure that you understand the importance of the decisions you make. Even if you don’t think you have much material wealth, the thoughtfulness of making an effective estate plan will leave your loved ones in a better position to make the most of what you leave behind.

And perhaps more importantly, your estate plan can send a message to your loved ones on how to do more with your gift to them. At the Estate Planning Session we discuss how a tangible bequest can be used to further intangible values.

Get Started

We make it easy.

Book an Estate Planning Session with attorney Jeremy Forrest today by following this link. Please note that due to COVID-19, all of our initial Planning Sessions will be conducted remotely. This means that you can call or login to our first meeting from the comfort of your home.