What We Do

Our clients want to make sure they are doing the right thing. We take away the guessing game. Forrest Law Center provides comprehensive estate and business services to protect you, your family, your wealth, and your legacy.

We serve individuals and families by identifying their estate planning goals and creating an estate plan that will help them accomplish those goals.

We serve small business owners in all stages of their business – from startups to existing businesses to developing business succession plans and exit strategies.

We serve estate administrators – including Executors, Trustees, and Power of Attorney Agents.

We serve families through the guardianship and conservatorship process – helping them take care of elderly parents or special needs children.

Estate Planning

Comprehensive estate planning is about more than just creating a will or a power of attorney. We start by helping you get organized so that you can understand your estate and articulate your goals and desires. From there we can develop a clearer picture of your future life and legacy.

We work with people and families of all ages to develop an estate plan that works for them – whether that includes planning for minor kids still at home, for your own long term care, or anything in between. Learn more about Estate Planning here.

Business Owners

People rarely start their own business because they love completing paperwork. But well-communicated business plans and owner agreements form the backbone of long-term success. Forrest Law Center provides services to meet a wide range of business needs. We help address the unique issues faced by business startups, the ongoing needs of established businesses, and developing successful succession and exit plans when it is time for you to move on from your business.

We work with business owners to ensure compliance with the law in the areas of establishing a business entity; creating bylaws, operating agreements, or partnership agreements; establishing human resources and company policies; and entering into agreements with vendors and customers. Learn more about Business Planning here.

Estate Administrators

Acting as the administrator of someone’s estate is a big responsibility that doesn’t come with a lot of training. You are expected to maintain proper records, act only in the estate or person’s best interest, and comply with proper accounting and tax practices.

We work with Executors, Trustees, and Agents under a Power of Attorney to ensure that they do their job right. From diligently and efficiently administering the estate of a deceased person, or the ongoing administration of a trust, or the ensuring the proper care of an incapacitated loved one, we help you make the right decisions and fulfill your duties as an estate administrator.