Business Planning

Forrest Law Center PLLC offers legal and consulting services to meet a wide range of business needs. Whether you are just starting your business, have been operating for many years, or are somewhere in between, Forrest Law Center’s Business Planning Services help ensure your foundation is set for success.

While many business owners think their legal needs may be limited to one-off transactions, at Forrest Law Center, we focus on providing our clients a comprehensive outlook to ensure their businesses have a sound structure.

For new businesses our services begin with a Start-Up Planning Session. For establishes companies we offer a Business Foundations Audit that will review your existing structure and provide guidance on how to make and implement improvements. Forrest Law Center also offers ongoing guidance and legal support to clients via our Business Membership Program.

Structure for Success

One of the first – perhaps most important – legal decisions when starting a business is choosing your business entity and tax structure. No matter how simple it’s made out to be, the choices are not one-size-fits-all and making the wrong decision can have drastic effects on the operation of your business.

At Forrest Law Center, we help clients build the right structure for their success. By understanding a client’s vision for their business; reviewing their goals; and keying on their business plan, we guide clients through the pros and cons of different legal and tax structures so that they start their business making informed decisions.

This discussion often forms the core of our Start-Up Planning Sessions and is one of the most important topics covered in our Business Foundation Audits.

Risk and Return

Starting a business is a risk. Unfortunately many businesses fail to get off the ground or exist past their first 2 to 5 years. Part of building a successful business is understanding the risks you are taking and mitigating your exposure to those risks. At Forrest Law Center, we help clients do just that.

Whether it’s identifying insurance needs, investigating potential transactions, or drafting contracts and agreements to use in your business, we develop solutions to help minimize risks and prevent problems.

Identifying risks forms a key component of both our Start-Up Planning Session and our Business Foundations Audit.

Regular Review

One thing is sure in any business: things will change. Do you have a team that will help you face the change? By joining Forrest Law Center’s Outside Counsel Membership Program, we will serve as your continued trusted legal and business advisor. Membership means that we are only a phone call or email away from answering your questions about anything business-related. We even engage you for regular check ups to review the health of your business – helping ensure that potential issues are dealt with before they become problems.

Membership is available to clients after they go through our Start-Up Planning Session or Business Foundations Audit.

If you are ready to meet with attorney Jeremy Forrest to discuss your business needs schedule your Business Planning Session.