More than Just Money

A Good Estate Plan Is About More Than Just Giving Your Assets Away


Many people mistakenly believe that Estate Planning is all about transferring your assets after you die. For many people, what is just as important - if not important - is to protect themselves and what they own during their life.

A good estate plan empowers the right people to care for you if you are unable to care your yourself. And it communicates to those people exactly what you expect of them, and what they should do when they step into important fiduciary roles.

One key focus when planning with Forrest Law Center is the decisions surrounding things like Powers of Attorney, Advance Directives, HIPAA Authorizations, and more. We often find that having the document is not enough - so we also help you communicate with the people appointed in your estate plan so that they are prepared and know what to do when it is time for them to act for you.